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Even paradise has its share of problems: In this case, it’d be a rising number of personal bankruptcy filings. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported in mid-February that […]

As comprehensive health care reform has been stalled for several weeks now, progressive legislators, advocates and health care consumers across the country have been feeling a […]

Mortgages with unsavory terms of payment are very prevelant in today’s business world. Balloon payments, interest rates that continue to rise over the life of the […]

California ranked third in the country in December for economic stress based on unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates, reports the Associated Press.The wire service analyzed 3,141 […]

We’d all like to think that the nation’s economy is improving, but the rising number of business bankruptcy filings offers proof that commercial businesses throughout the […]

With unemployment expected to persist above 10 percent through 2010, more Americans whose debt has ballooned may wonder whether they should seek protection from their creditors. […]

Ventura County bankruptcy filings jumped 59 percent in 2009 from the previous year, according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles. It is a sign […]

A suspended Ventura attorney’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy did not discharge his $14,000 debt to the State Bar for the costs of his 2005 disciplinary proceedings, the […]

Bankruptcy is an action which must be done after a good research and preparedness. It’s clear that filing bankruptcy certainly stops the process of foreclosure but […]

In the United States, federal bankruptcy was designed by congress as a relief measure to persons or organizations who are financially distressed. In other words, in […]

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