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Contractual Provisions

Are Contractual Provisions Amounting to (a waiver of recovery of attorney fees and costs in connection with arbitration of elder abuse claims). Contrary to Public Policy? […]

Signs and Symptoms of Elder Abuse

Signs and symptoms of Elder Abuse At first, you might not recognize or take seriously signs of elder abuse.  They may appear to be symptoms of […]

To Sustain an Elder Abuse Claim, Read the Pleading Requirements

What Are The Pleading Requirements To Sustain An Elder Abuse Cause of Action in the State of California? The Pleading Requirements to Assert a Violation of […]

What is a Managing Agent in An Acute Care Facility?

When are Managing Agents Guilty of Reckless Conduct The final element to prove in a dependent adult abuse case seeking enhanced remedies  is that a managing […]

Amputation Caused By Severely Infected Bed Sores

Amputation caused by severely infected bed sores: A 54 year old man’s leg was amputated above the knee as a result of a severely infected bed sore. Bed […]

Proper Positioning is Needed to Eliminate Risk of Bed Sores, Decubitus Ulcers and Pressure Sores

To aid in the prevention of Bed sores, Decubitus ulcers, and Pressure ulcers: elevation of the head of the bed to no more than 30 degrees (or […]

Bed Sores: Wrongful Death

Bed Sores wrongful death: A resident at the Kindred Health Care nursing home in Los Angeles, California was found with a severely infected stage four bed sore, also known as […]

Preventing Bed Sores

Preventing Bed Sores: An elder husband of Irma Lancaster developed bed sores while in the hospital and those wounds caused him to develop two serious infections: sepsis […]

Elder Abuse Act in California Must Be Amended To Sustain Medical Elder Abuse by A Proponderance of the Evidence

The Elder Abuse Act was added to the Welfare and Institutions Code in 1982. “`In 1982, the Legislature recognized “that dependent adults may be subjected to […]

Elder Abuse is Growing Exponentially says California Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyer Steven Peck

As many as 1 in 10 older adults and 1 in 2 people with dementia are victims of elder abuse. Unfortunately, for every case that gets […]

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